Good water and fire damage restoration services can help erase just about all evidence of a flood (or any type of water damage) or a fire. This is important since these types of events can be absolutely devastating to a family or a business. If you are in the NYC or Manhattan area, it is important to know who you would call if you were to experience any type of disaster like this. Our team has more than 30 years of experience restoring homes and businesses after fires and/or water damage, so please don’t delay in calling us should you run into problems.

Rapid Response Times

When it comes to emergency water damage repair and removal, or fire damage repair, we know just how important it is to react quickly. If you let the water or smoke set into the area, it can be very difficult to get out. In addition, more items will become destroyed and need to be replaced, which will drive your costs up significantly. No matter when a tragedy like this strikes, we will be available to help you get through it right away. We have a 30-minute response time no matter when you call us, day or night. We’re even available on weekends and holidays to ensure you can always react to a flood or fire right away.

We’ll Work with Your Insurance Company

In most cases when you have water damage or fire damage it will be your insurance company that is going to have to pay for it. Rather than having to come up with the money yourself and then get reimbursed from your insurance provider, we will work with them directly when performing any type of water or fire damage restoration. This will help ensure you aren’t inconvenienced any more than is necessary from this terrible experience. We have been working with insurance providers throughout NYC and Manhattan for years, so they won’t delay on the payments or other approvals that are needed to get your cleanup job started.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

When we report to your home or business to begin the water or fire damage cleanup and restoration, we will bring the best commercial grade equipment to ensure the job is done right. This powerful equipment can quickly remove any amount of water so the job will go quickly. In addition, we can wash out the carpets, furniture, and other things in the area so it will look and smell like this event never occurred. No matter what type of damage is done, we’ll make it like new again.

We’re Here for You

No matter when you experience the flood or fire damage, please give us a call right away. Our team will quickly dispatch to your location and get started on the cleanup and restoration process immediately. This will not only help to get everything done more quickly, but will also help to minimize the damage that you experience, and keep any costs down. To report an emergency, or ask questions, please call us at (212) 389-1932. Thank you for considering Water and Fire Damage Restoration Near Me. We look forward to helping you soon.